Sweet Arctic Coltsfoot 

I have only seen a few of these in my travels this spring so far. But they seem to call out to me pretty loudly. Last spring I created a flower essence with them, which I intend to do again this spring, however making enough to share with all of you.

Medicinally the leaves and roots are usually used. They are traditionally used for spasmodic coughs, and lung support for allergies, bronchitis or asthma.
The leaves are not yet grown in. When they do the leaves will be abundant. Generally the flower stock is the first to show itself in Spring, as pictured. The flowers are so interesting however, it’s rays pointing out toward the sky, with a soft yellow to white appearance.

The Spiritual properties is what drawn me to this interesting medicinal plant.
Sweet Arctic Coltsfoot is supporting those who are exhausted by grief. It can also support you when you are exhausted from a challenging situation (like many of us are feeling right now!) She can help you move past your own limitations and doubts to move past an uncomfortable moment, and help you to see through to the other side. Its presence is calming but also can help lift your spirits.

I’ve been meeting with plants lately that are very supportive of grief, and moving past it, and overcoming fears, and worries. This year, two of my loved ones have moved onto the spirit world. And I lost another loved one, not to death, but to boundaries, or protection. However, it has felt similar. I tend not to slow down and grieve, my trauma response is to keep pushing forward, hustle. Don’t stop and don’t let your grief take over. However a strong message from our plant kin that I encounter has been to slow down. Feel the grief, feel the loss and sadness. But to also see the light on the other side. See the love in your life, and to be held by Mother Earth, and her plant kin. Being fully supported as I walk through this time, by our Plant kin, and by my loving family and friends. The collective grief is also felt. We are exhausted, we are missing connection. We are missing our loved ones and we miss doing the things that make us whole, like ceremony, traveling, visiting. There is a light on the other side, just like Arctic Sweet Coltsfoot shows us, moving past these uncomfortable, or grief stricken moments, and seeing the light. Remaining hopeful.

If you see one in your travels, sit with it. I ask that you do not pick the flower. These plants are used, like many plants, are still used by Indigneous people in our area. And with the effects of industry, the fire, the flood, it is getting harder and harder to find. You may notice that you only see one or two through out the season.
So I ask, be mindful. A lot of healing and power can be drawn from a plant, without even picking it.
*If you are to harvest the leaves in the early Summer, please do so respectfully.
Asking permission, making an offering.
Always have a plan of what you will use it for.
Only take what you will use.
Never the first one, or the last, and never more then 1/3 of what you see.