Sheena Bradley, curator and owner of Omisimaw Wellness was born in Treaty 6 territory.  Her family has established a strong sense of community in nistawâyâw (Fort McMurray). –Sitting close to the Athabasca River, Sheena feels a strong sense of ancestral roots, and feels strengthened by the history in the waters as her Grandmother was born on the banks of Lake Athabasca. Her Great-Grandmother Kitty Boucher, and Great-Grandfather Joe Monkman created their first home in Goldfields Saskatchewan, and paddled on Lake Athabasca, laying down strong roots. My paternal Ancestors where settlers near the Wandering River area, where she also harvests medicines from. Sheena’s love for the land and her culture has helped shape Omisimâw Wellness Having started learning Herbalism with Herbal Academy of New England, in 2017, Sheena has progressed her love of traditional medicines, and now studies with Pacific Rim College, as well as traditional knowledge from Elders, being on the land and listening to plant spirit and being in  relationship with plants. There is a lot to learn if you be still and listen. Creator will show you the way. By incorporating traditional ways of knowing, it’s important to her to honour her ancestors.  

Sheena incorporates aromatherapy in her practice and is a Certified Aromatherapy Advisor. By reconnecting with scent memory as a way to heal emotional and spiritual imbalances.   

Joining the cohort of students for a 13-month mentorship with Indigenous Birth of Alberta in 2020, Sheena incorporates Indigenous Birthwork into her practice, building on the traditional role of Aunty.  Sheena can offers culturally sensitive support to Indigenous families in our region whether they deliver in hospital, or at a home. For Indigenous families needing support pre-natal into postpartum and beyond.  Sheena is continually engaging in educating herself in Indigenous health as well as further herbal education. Sheena is a member of Indigenous Birth of Alberta, Alberta Herbalists Association and sits on several committees within the region related to Indigenous land stewardship and Birthwork. Sheena volunteers by creating several medicinal gardens throughout nistawâyâw, as well as teaching about reciprocity and respect for harvesting medicinal plants. She also teaches about healing trauma through plant connection. Sheena gives back products and medicines to local Elders and families whose traditional lands she harvests on, as a way to give back and offer accessibility of plant medicines to our Elders.