We once called Fort McMurray home, between 20092013, myself my husband, and our two small kids. We bought a house,and my hubby had a good jobhere. It was busy then, too busy, too rushedand chaoticIt was so industry focused. It wasn’t home for me. I didn’t feel connected then.It wasn’t like it was when my husband grew up here, he grew up in Fort McMurray when it had a smalltownvibe, he would go out 4x4ing and spend time in the bush but that changed.I didn’t appreciate the beauty around methen. We decided to moveaway in 2013 and bought an acreagejust East of Sherwood Park. Hubby worked driving truck within Western Canada, and I worked and was a Mama. In 2016 his company that he loved working for shut down. Shortly after he then came back to Fort McMurray to work. In the summer of 2018,we listed our acreage for sale with the plan to move to Vancouver Island. Complete change. I could grow my Herbal business there and be close to family, enjoy warmer weather, live a different kind of life, yet my husband would commute to Fort McMurray. Our house sat for almost a year before it sold, it was so frustrating, but something was allowing us to really consider everything. Last minute my intuition told me to go to Fort McMurray. I brought it up to hubby and he was completely against it, at first. As much as I missed my familyand wanted that island life, mykids neededtheir Dad, I neededtheir Dad. So,we, as a family, decided that would be best. So we can stay together as a family. So we headed north. Something I never thought I would do

This past year and a half since we have been back, has been interesting. We had a lot of plans, but like most of us, COVID took those away. However, in such a short amount of time I was able to fully be my authentic self. I have finally followed my passions. I’ve finally found the courage to open my business, to take up training to become a Birthworker, (which I had emailed about way back in 2016!!) I have continuemy herbal studies. I have also had the opportunity to be more a part of my culture and create a sense of community and support, that I haven’t felt before. Most importantly, I have fallen in love with this land. This land holds me so much, I can’t even explain. There are so many places I want to explore. I want to get deeper in the bush and go farther North. I feel my Great Grandma Kitty when I sit at the AthabascaRiver. I feel her guidance and her presence. I always have, however, its strong here. I find comfort in seeing her maiden name throughout the community (Boucher) Shetraveled those waters. She gave birth to my Kokum in Goldfields Saskatchewan, across Lake Athabascafrom Fort Chippewan, she canoed these waters. I am held here. I am rooted by the spirit of my ancestors in Nistawâyâw, and I’m so thankful for the women I have met and that hold space for me. The Creator works in mysterious ways, but always for your highest potential. Thank you Nistawâyâw for holding space for me..