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Lilac~Herbal Infused Honey


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Lilac infused honey is an uplifting sweet taste of late spring. Invigorating the senses by adding a delicate hint of floral infusion into a beautiful raw local honey. This blend was infused through a full moon cycle under grandmother moon energy to help the essence of the lilac flow. 

These lilacs where harvested in friendship and with thanks. The beautiful aroma of the lilacs had captured my attention and I was so drawn to the sweet floral aroma. These beautiful flowers don’t last long, so they allow you to take in their beauty for a short time. Harvesting beautiful light pink and rich, bright fuscia lilacs flowers we infused them into the local honey.

Lilac essence can support us when we are adjusting to life changes. Allowing you to be open and flexible to new experienced. Lilac essence or spirit guides us to be at peace with what is, right now. Teaching us patience and to be in tuned with and align more with mâmawi-okâwîmâw (Mother Earth). 


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