Sacred Fire~Heart Nourishing Oxymel


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Sacred Fire Oxyymel was crafted to help support your heart centre, or your internal sacred fire during times of distress or anxiousness. Holding your heart in an gentle carress as these herbs gently sooth away your worry. Supporting your central nervous system. Oxymels are naturally soothing on the gut aswell and can aid in digestion. 

Milky Oats are a powerful endocrine tonic herb that calm the nervous system yet also energizing your body and soul. Supporting a deep and restful sleep. Milky Oats are also indicated to elevate exhaustion and withdrawal symptoms from addiction.

Wild Rose is a powerful heart strengthening herb. Indicated to elevate fatigue and grief or feeling of a broken or heavy heart. Wild Rose support the nervous system by supporting the heart centre.

Labrador Tea can help us to comeback to centre after a traumatic experience. She can also be very helpful through addictions and extreme imbalances in any area of our life. Labrador Tea guides us to find a new form of balance in our life and can help release stress held deep in our bodies

Fireweed plant essence, or spirit, is profound in it’s abilities to help us move past trauma, and to see the beauty on the other side. It helps to clear fear and anger and any unresolved traumas from our bodies. Making space for love and clarity. Fireweed promises us of the return of beauty and abundance and reminds us we are part of a community. Fireweed is a healing tonic for our digestive tract that can help calm irritable digestion and upset. 

This blend is crafted as an Oxymel (( Oxy(Vinegar) Mel(Honey) )) with organic Apple Cider vinegar, and local clover honey. It is a nutrition way to incorporate herbal medicine into your daily routine. A simple non-alcoholic form of extracting the plants medicinal properties and incorporating a sweet and bitter experience. Oxymels also aid in digestion and inflammation, further soothing the nervous system.

Take as needed. Put one dropper full under the tongue, or mixed with a drink.

Ingredients: Wild Rose, Milky Oats, Labrador Tea, Fireweed Flowers, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Local Raw Honey
2 Fluid Ouces



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