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wâpanêwask hydrosol


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wâpanêwask (Yarrow) Hydrosol helps to improve and nurture enflamed, red & acne prone skin aswell as minor skin irritations. Simply use topically as a toner. Energetically Yarrow acts as a protector of your energy and space, and can be very grounding and calming, mist into the air or over your head.

Steam distilled here in nisawâyâw using fresh Yarrow harvested with protocol and intention on the banks of the mighty Athabasca River. Steam distillation is a process where fresh or dried plants are placed in a Copper alembic still. The water in the still heats and pushes steam through the plant material, capturing volatile oils. The steam is condensed through the condenser thus creating a hydrosol (plant water) and essential oils. Essential oils are such a small byproduct of small-batch distillation that we do not separate them from the hydrosols. So the Essential Oil is left in the Hydrosol. Hydrosols are best kept refrigerated for a longer shelf life. They can be used as a facial toner, aromatherapy mist, therapeutic body mist-misted on effected areas and more.

Yarrow Hydrosol can support you in:

  • Soothing red, enflamed and acneic skin
  • Reducing fever and cold and flu aches and pains
  • Soothes damaged skin or skin eruptions
  • Relief for muscle cramps or cramps associated with your Moontime
  • Balancing your emotional state
  • Acting as a protective barrier to other peoples energy-great for empaths
  • Very energetic and great for spiritual and energy work

Yarrow is a very earthy aroma, and is safe to use for all. Hydrosols are safe and effective for children and pets as well.

Shake well and store in a cool dark place, ideally a refrigerator.

4FL Oz Mister bottle.



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