wâpikwaniy~Protection Flower Essence


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Crafted during the new moon and under the bright sun of late summer with brilliant Yarrow flowers of white, pink and yellow, grown with love, and wildcrafted with love and intention for its protective benefits. Sitting beside an amethyst stone, and a cool breeze stirring up the waters.

This Yarrow Flower (wâpikwaniy) Essence is an old remedy that will help with boundary setting and protection from others energies. Specifically helpful for empaths, or people that are sensitive to absorbing others energies, and feelings. A particularly important blend for those offering help or community work and healers. Allowing them to be of service with out their emotions becoming entangled with others, creating confusion and loss of focus.

This remedy can be taken internally by taking 2-3 drops under the tongue, with intention.Or can me mixed with tea, or simply add a few drops to a bath.  Flower essences are energetic remedies, different from herbal extracts (tinctures). They are taken in small doses, as needed – occasionally or frequently.

25 ml Amber bottle.

This product contains alcohol.

Take 2-3 drops under the tongue or diluted in water for at least 7 days. Take with intention any time you feel the need for assitance with boundaries, and protection from others energies.


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