wâpikwaniy~sacred circle flower essence


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Sacred Circle essence combines the healing spirit of Monarda (Bee Balm), Sagebrush and Giant Anise Hyssop. Captured in the high Sun at a special place where these three plant kins surround us in a sacred circle. Igniting passion in us to move into a new adventure of our ives with ease and grace.Giving you joy to look forward to and releasing what we no longer need in ourselves, and our surroundings.

Let this remedy hold you in a sacred circle as you move toward greatness. Igniting that passion within us and helping us to feel as though we are surrounded by wisdom, strength and support. 

This remedy can be taken internally by taking 2-3 drops under the tongue, with intention.Or can me mixed with tea, or simply add a few drops to a bath.  Flower essences are energetic remedies, different from herbal extracts (tinctures). They are taken in small doses, as needed – occasionally or frequently.

1oz Amber bottle.

This product contains alcohol.


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