waskway~Relaxing aromatherapy mist


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A new product line incorporating waskway (Birchbark) and Sweetgrass. Offering a gentle aroma to promote relaxation and help you elevate your mood. Birch has a sweet wintergreen like aroma, with soothing effects on the mood as well as the body. waskway blends contain a hint of Sweetgrass to promote deeper relaxation, emotional strength and clarity.
This blend can also be used as a body mist as an aromatherapy mist. Birch carries properties to aid in reducing fine lines and aging skin when used as a facial toner.
Ingredients: Lunar Infused Spring Water, Sweetgrass Hydrosol,  Alcohol, Custom Oil Blend-Containing Birch& Sweetgrass

Shake Well, Use as a room spray, a body mist or facial toner



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