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waskway~Relaxing bath blend


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A new product line incorporating waskway (Birchbark) and Sweetgrass. Offering a gentle aroma to promote relaxation and help you elevate your mood. Birch has a sweet wintergreen like aroma, with soothing effects on the mood as well as the body. waskway blends contain a hint of Sweetgrass to promote deeper relaxation, emotional strength and clarity.

waskway (Birchbark) and Sweetgrass surround you in this relaxing bath blend, to promote relaxation and help you elevate your mood. Let your tension wash away as birch helps you to relieve tired sore muscles and bones. Allowing you to breathe deeper and feel enveloped in her gentle caress.

Ingredients: Grey Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Birch bark, Sweetgrass, custom essential oil blend.

Add a small amount to releive pain, soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation. Or Use as a facial steam-Add to a bowl of warm water, inhale the steam for deep relaxation

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