Plant Medicines

Seasonal Medicine offerings including self care products, and other herbal remedies to support emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance. Crafted with intention and reciprocity. We only use the finest ethically sourced, Organic ingredients and traditionally harvested local botanicals.

Our Medicine Collections are crafted with the seasons, and ingredients can change depending on what is in abundance. 


Aromatherapy is a holistic practice that acts on physical, mental and spiritual processes through the use of aromatic essences, which represent the most advanced component of the plant world, the soul of the plant, its’ personality. Much like the way I practice Herbal Medicine, drawn to its essence, or spirit.

I turned to Aromatherapy when I was dealing with some trauma that had resurfaced. I had been struggling with anxiety attacks, feelings of low selfworth, and I suffer from PTSD. Aromatherapy has been an integral tool that I keep handy at all times. I had studied Aromatherapy alongside my herbal studies and hold a Certificate as an Aromatherapy advisor. I always incorporate some form of Aromatherapy in my products.Scent is such a powerful tool, if used correctly. It can invoke feelings of calm and grounding. It can uplift your spirits and help your memory. I am happy to provide a custom blended essential oil roller or mist if you would like to add Aromatherapy to your own toolkit. I use only certified Organic, therapeutic grade essential oils.


Childbirth can be a positive, empowering experience for a woman, which can promote kinship and strengthen community bonds; however, if the care a mother receives lacks cultural safety, she may experience confusion, anxiety, depression, and trauma that can stay with her throughout her life, which can affect how she parents her baby and in turn impact her child’s growth and development (Source: Bowen et al., 2014; Kornelsen, Kostaka, Waterfall, Willie & Wilson, 2011).

Most Indigenous mothers are forced to travel outside of their home communities in order the birth their children, and often deal with racism from hospital staff. This can leave them feeling unsupported not only during labour and delivery, but culturally as well. It’s time to reawaken our traditional ways of practice. Women (parents) should feel fully supported by their family, and other community members and to be given space to honour traditional birth practices, ceremonies, and rituals.

As an Indigenous Birth of Alberta Birthkeeper Student, I am committed to improving birth for Indigenous women and families in the Wood Buffalo region. Bringing that big Aunty energy, I am able to provide support physically, emotionally and culturally for families during pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.