ABOUT Omisimáw Wellness

Omisimâw Wellness (Ohm sim ow, Cree meaning oldest daughter/sister) is curated out of generations of tradition, knowledge and reciprocity. Traditional Wellness is central to the healing of Indigenous peoples in our community and abroad to improve our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Reclaiming ancestral knowledge and way of life is the main focus for Omisimâw Wellness in both her Herbal practice and through Indigenous Birthwork.

 Omisimâw Wellness is solely owned and operated by Métis  Herbalist, Medicine Maker and Birthworker, Sheena Bradley. Sheena is a Member of Métis Nation of Alberta and McMurray Métis Local 1935.

Our Wellness products are curated with the vision to connect people to the land by incorporating local plants and botanicals and aromatherapy. All local botanicals are harvested with reciprocity, respect and permission from them and the lands. 

Sheena is a co-founder of Ihkapaskwa Indigenous Wellness Collective. Is a member of the Alberta Herbalists Association and sits on several committees within the region related to Indigenous land stewardship and Birthwork. Sheena volunteers by creating several medicinal gardens throughout nistawâyâw, as well as teaching about reciprocity and respect for harvesting medicinal plants. She also teaches about healing trauma through plant connection. Sheena gives back products and medicines to local Elders and families whose traditional lands she harvests on, as a way to give back and offer accessibility of plant medicines to our Elders.

We live in our medicine cabinet, its called the Northern boreal forest

 Ric Richardson, Métis

plant medicine

Seasonal Medicine offerings including self care products, and other herbal remedies to support emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance. Crafted with intention and reciprocity. We only use the finest ethically sourced, Organic ingredients and traditionally harvested local botanicals. 


Aromatherapy is a holistic practice that acts on physical, mental and spiritual processes through the use of aromatic essences, which represent the most advanced component of the plant world, the soul of the plant, its’ personality. 


I am committed to improving birth for Indigenous birthing folk, and families in the Wood Buffalo region.  I am able to provide culturally sensitive support for families during pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.