• Traditional values,
    modern botanical medicine

  • Omisimâw

  • Omisimâw (ohm-sim-ow)
    Cree for oldest daughter/sister

    Omisimâw Wellness is an expression
    of generations of tradition, knowledge,
    and reciprocity and a way to reclaim
    ancestral knowledge and way of life.


Omisimâw Wellness

Our botanical wellness products are crafted intentionally in ceremony and relationship with māmawi-okāwīmāw (Mother Earth) to connect people to the land through the use of local plants, botanicals and aromatherapy. Each medicine is crafted intentionally and slowly. Practicing intentional herbal medicine is being in relationship with each plant and listening. Slow. Mindful. Meaningful. Omisimâw Wellness is solely owned and operated by Sheena Bradley. Sheena is certified herbalist, advanced clinical herbal student and birthworker.

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Curated in nistawâyâw

Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are gathered and grown in relationship with the earth and our plant kin. All local botanicals are harvested with reciprocity, respect, and permission from them and the lands. We also have created meaningful relationships with small, local herb growers and small scale suppliers in (so called) Canada to help provide us with organic grown and ethically tended botanicals to add to our bundle.

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How can Omisimâw Wellness help?

Botanical Medicine: Omisimâw Wellness offers self-care products and other herbal remedies featuring seasonal medicines to support emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance. Everything is lovingly crafted with intention and reciprocity, using the finest ethically-sourced organic ingredients and traditionally harvested local botanicals.

Herbal Consultations: Work directly with Omisimâw Wellness to develop a personalized plan to use herbal remedies and traditional medicines to support your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. Coming 2023.

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“Omisimâw Wellness is curated out of generations of tradition, knowledge, and whole lot of love. Sheena’s dedication to her culture and community are obvious in every product she makes, as well as the service she provides”

— Maddie A.

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