Re-Awakening our Birth Traditions

Re-Awakening our Birth Traditions

♥️ Indigenous Birth ♥️
Since time immemorial we have birthed our babies in community, surrounded by our Grandmothers, our Aunties and helpers. A community of support working together. We are welcoming life from the spirit world and welcoming that little one earth side. They are gifted to us from the Creator to care for, to teach and to guide through life.

I had the honour of supporting several new parents this year as they brought their babies earth side. While I am still learning and growing, I've truly found a passion for supporting families during this time.

After having a career in Medical administration and having a very traumatic birth that left me injured, I knew that advocacy and support in the birthing world and in healthcare is where I could lend a hand, to help amplify Indigenous voices for proper care and culturally safe support. Having our Culture and Ceremonies rooted in our births is an act of decolonization. These traditions were forced from us as a way to assimilate our people. We were forced to abandon our traditional ways, including traditional Midwifery and community support.
It's time to re-awaken these ways. Re-claim our birth traditions, and revitalize traditional practices.

To help create a kinship system of Aunties, Uncles and Grandmothers to support spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I am honoured to be walking on this journey with my friends and fellow Birthkeepers, as we work hard to help our communities here in Wood Buffalo in reclaiming our traditions and to help support families in the region. And I am excited on what the future holds.

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