Local Plant Kin for Grief & Loss

Local Plant Kin for Grief & Loss

Our communities have been collectively feeling a deep sense of sadness, and grief. It seems there is just one thing after the other. Last night I was feeling so defeated and tearful. I have been sitting in my own grief these last few weeks. Triggered by what is going on around us, and really sitting with that trying to better understand how to move through it while honouring my grief.
I started my day today with the feeling of renewal, thankful to a special visitor in my dream. Reminding myself what I need to feel safe, what I need to do to heal these old wounds, while honouring my heart, and the wounds it carries

Our Plant kin are exactly that. Our kin, look to them to support your healing, just as much as you look to a friend. Plants can not only support us in our health and healing physically, but they are here to help spiritually and emotionally as well.
I wanted to share only a few local plant kin (Northern Boreal Region/ nistawâyâw) that help me in my healing. You can incorporate these plants in many ways.
In my practice I make Flower Essence to solely support from an emotional and spiritual aspect, but also many of these local plants can be found in bath blends, aromatherapy mists, teas ect that I make. That's why to me a simple body oil, isn't just "skin care" to me there is such a deeper connection and healing happening.

But you do not need a product for this plant to support you in those ways. Sit with them. Speak to them. Ask them for guidance and support. Be sure to offer them something in return of your ask. Watch them grow. Tend to them.

Here are 5 Plant Kin that can help support you through Loss and Grief.
1: Fireweed/ihkapaskwa
2: Yarrow/wâpanêwask
3: Wild Rose/okinîwâhtik
4: Coltsfoot Flower
5: Labrador Tea/maskêkopakwa

While this is a small inclusive list, it is not limited to just these plants. These thoughts are my own, and from my own experience, education and research. If you are feeling depressed or deep in your grief, please reach out to a loved one, or someone you trust. I am sending all my love and healing to those who need it.


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